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In 2016 ACHEM Valves & Controls changed from a Valves & Controls company to a Controls company.

ACHEM continues to supply and service some valves to existing customers & distributors, but our primary business is now Controls.

In 2004 ACHEM merged with ALPHA Controls and formed the A-CHEM GROUP.

ALPHA/ACHEM is the second largest pneumatic actuator manufacturer in the world.

ALPHA/ACHEM manufactures pneumatic & electric Industrial Controls for valves.

ALPHA/ACHEM sells it products through distribution.

The A-Chem product line offers a wide variety of controls which include some of the larges Pneumatic Actuators made in the world.

We also manufacture Spring Diaphragm Actuators, Electric Actuators, Limit Switches, Wireless Limit Switches, Solenoid Valves & Positioners.

Our product line includes Explosion Proof products and a complete line of Stainless Steel Controls.

The ACHEM Spring Diaphragm Actuator is the first Spring Diaphragm Actuator in the industrial market place that offers a complete line of interchangeable drives coupled with direct mount capabilities for controls.

Over the last twenty eight years, The A-CHEM Group has built a solid reputation in the industrial supply Industry.